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Paediatric Anaesthetist Network of New Zealand (PANNZ) – information


PANNZ was established to strengthen communication and collaboration between paediatric anaesthetists throughout country.

Effective communication and cooperation will ultimately help provide universal high quality anaesthesia services to all children in the country, irrespective of their geographical placement. In addition, the PANNZ will be a conduit for developing other pathways for collaboration. These additional mechanisms/pathways could include facilitating observer-ships/secondments, peer-reviews/support groups for high risk/complicated paediatric anaesthesia cases, and assistance with quality assurance and advocacy.

PANNZ was formed by the NZSA and the Society of Paediatric Anaesthesia in New Zealand and Australia (SPANZA), following an open forum held at the SPANZA ASM in Auckland in October 2015. The concept of a network was unanimously supported at the meeting.

The network operates on the ‘bottom up’ concept with four autonomous regional committees: Southern, Central, Midlands and Northern.

Regional committees constitute representatives (the paediatric link-person) from every hospital in the region (including private hospitals with a paediatric case load), and are coordinated by the National Co-ordinating Group (NCG)


  • An annual PANNZ Update Meeting will be held in New Zealand from 2018 (March)
  • One face to face meeting to coincide with the PANNZ Update Meeting
  • Teleconferences up to 4 times a year.

Further information

Dr Indu Kapoor is the Chair of PANNZ.

NZSA members can use this link or questions can be directed to the Network Administrator on 

Membership information can be found here