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NZSA Overseas Aid SubCommittee (OAS)

The OAS supports anaesthesia training and development in overseas countries, in particular our nearest Pacific neighbours. The OAS was formed at the 2010 ASM in Christchurch.

The NZSA has provided considerable assistance to developing countries for many years, which has included: support for the Annual Refresher Course of the Pacific Society of Anaesthetists, assisting Pacific anaesthetists to attend overseas conferences, locum cover, and support for training and distribution of Lifeboxes in Vietnam.  NZSA members have also been very active in the WFSA, and many others have made significant aid contributions as individuals or as part of small teams.

The OAS facilitates NZSA’s commitment to overseas aid and allows the NZSA to better prioritise and coordinate aid activities.  The NZSA supports the committee through its not-for-profit charity status.  The OAS works with two other committees in Australasia, the Overseas Development and Education Committee (ODEC) of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the ANZCA Overseas Aid Committee (OAS).

The members of the OAS are:

  • Alan Goodey (Chair, Waikato)
  • Wayne Morriss (Chair, Christchurch)
  • Tony Diprose (Hawkes Bay)
  • Ted Hughes (North Shore)
  • Maurice Lee (North Shore)
  • Indu Kapoor (Wellington)
  • Alastair Mark (Nelson)

Some past highlights:

  • Development of Anaesthesia services in the Cook Islands.
  • Continued support for the Annual Refresher Course of the PSA.
  • Development of an attachment at Hawkes Bay Hospital for Pacific trainees.
  • Lifebox Oximeter distribution.
  • Ongoing development of an OAC / PSA webpage.
  • Liaison with a newly formed disaster planning committee.
  • First combined Pacific Society Meeting (PSM) at the AACA/ASURA in Feb 2014.

Hugh Spencer Account

The Hugh Spencer Education fund was set up by Hugh Spencer for education opportunities in the Pacific.  This fund was moved to be under the care of NZSA Overseas Aid Sub Committee in 2013.  If you wish to donate  please send funds directly to the  Hugh Spencer fund bank account.  The account number is 02-0168-0240227-007.

 Please include your name and details to help us identify the payee.  Members making donations can claim certain tax deductions back.

How can you help?

If you have experience or an interest in overseas aid work, and would like to be part of the work we do, please contact the NZSA Office.  We have a limited budget and some activities may be undertaken using CPD funding.

The ASA Overseas Aid Committee has set up an Overseas database that covers both Australia and New Zealand.  You also can register your interest there.