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World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists

Seasons Gretings from the WFSA


Usually at these dates the secretary, on behalf of the WFSA, sends a message to all the affiliated societies. For some of us this represents the end of a year, which could not be the case for others, but the important thing is to be communicated.
This year I have chosen the title “together”, because it is a very important word for the human being. From our ancestors we learned that together they could do more that being isolated, and that if a group of human beings feel to be part of a group and they have clear goals, most likely they will accomplish a lot of things.

That's what the WFSA is about: to feel united due to the only fact that we are anesthesiologists, regardless of skin color, race or religion, which unfortunately are often used to separate the human beings, rather to put them together. It must be clear that our goal is the solidarity with our colleagues in need, those living "at the other side of the river". It must be also clear that financial contributions or others, even if they seem small, can make the difference. And at last it must be clear the key role of the multiplying effect of education and that people can only be free through it. This is why this message from the WFSA has “together” as its title.

But this year has been a particularly important one, due to the World Congress held in Buenos Aires, which was the largest in the history of the WFSA: more than 125 countries and nearly 10,000 attendees represented. The WFSA World Congress not only stands out for providing access to the latest developments in the specialty, but also enables the exchange of information between very different societies and realities. The resulting cultural enrichment of this is immeasurable and unique in the Anesthesia meetings worldwide. And in Buenos Aires we were all together discussing our problems. For some of us it was how to deal with the increased anesthetic work. For others, their goal was to achieve what they don´t have: minimum affordable services for anesthesia, pain therapy and resuscitation.
And the only answer is to find solutions inviting all members of the national and regional societies, members of anesthetic subspecialty societies, foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), WHO and others to join this effort, all together.

You can do much more than you could have previously thought and I invite you to visit our website, www.anaesthesiologists.org, to know all we are doing in the WFSA and perhaps you may find that you can offer some additional help. Our organization is not a wealthy one, but as our treasurer Mark Lema presented during the General Assembly, the WFSA is rich in all the work that thousands of volunteers make every day worldwide.
Watching the news that bombard us every day with disasters and misfortunes, I believe that the WFSA is a good place for the anesthesiologists to, in some way, compensate all this, by working for the others: all together.

Our best wishes for the year 2013 and thanks to you all.

Gonzalo Barreiro
Honorary Secretary, WFSA.

NZSA - National Nember of Societies of the WFSA

The New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists Inc (NZSA) is a member of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA), a unique organisation in that it is a society of societies. As a result, any NZSA member is automatically a member of WFSA.

The WFSA was formally constituted at the 1st World Congress of Anaesthesiologists held in 1955 in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. There are now 128 member societies.

The objectives of the WFSA are to make available the highest standards of anaesthesia, pain treatment, trauma management and resuscitation to all peoples of the world. These goals are achieved through the work of the WFSA standing committees - education, publications, safety and quality. Sub-specialty committees on obstetric anaesthesia, pain, paediatric anaesthesia, trauma and resuscitation provide a focus on their particular areas of expertise. 

WFSA maintains relationships with other organisations, including the World Health Organization, which has recently launched a new initiative entitled Safe Surgery Saves Lives. Anaesthesia is ranked as one of the most important contributors to safe surgery.

For more information about the WFSA click here.


Pacific Aid

As a member of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists the NZSA is committed to improving anaesthesia services in the region of Asia Australasia. NZSA has specifically identified our Pacific neighbours as a priority for educational assistance and collegial support.

Traditionally our assistance has enabled anaesthetists from Pacific nations to attend international educational meetings or refresher courses. This has been via sponsorship and the organisation of locum anaesthetists to cover lists while Pacific anaesthetists are away.

The Society has also assisted in the organising of emergency relief cover, in particular in the Cook Islands in recent times.

A number of New Zealand anaesthetists have recent experience working in Samoa, Rarotonga, Indonesia and Fiji and find contributing their skills and expertise to overseas aid a rewarding experience.

To find out about the Pacific Society of Anaesthetists and the services they provide, please click here. The New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists hosts this site as part of its ongoing commitment to the Pacific.

Launch of "Occupational Well-Being of Anaesthesiologists" English language version

The WFSA is delighted to announce the launch of the English language version of "Occupational Well-Being of Anaesthesiologists". Edited by Dr Gastao Duval Neto, Chair of the WFSA's Well-Being Committee, and published by the Brazilian Society of Anaesthetists, the book brings together 17 papers from leading academics and practitioners concerned with the very real issues facing the health of anaesthesiologists around the world.

The publication aims to stimulate the development of effective action on the part of world entities involved with anaesthesiology, in favour of the occupational health of anaesthesiologists and safety of their patients. For anaesthesiologists themselves it aims to promote awareness, conscious that awareness of any problem is the first step towards its solution.

As David Wilkinson, WFSA's President, writes in his foreword this is, "a subject which requires careful consideration by all who work in anaesthesiology to ensure that life or work events do not swamp either 

young or old lives." It is a unique publication, but most of all one that is meant to be used so that all in our area of medicine will know "how stress can be recognised, lived with and finally overcome". 

Not only essential literature, but a call for action, this is a "must read" for anaesthesiologists and those with whom they live and work.

Link: http://www.wfsahq.org/guidelines/professional-wellbeing-recommended-reading

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