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The primary aim of this website is to promote, through anesthesiologist education, the use of effective perioperative regional anesthetic/analgesic techniques.

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Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre

This resource includes an extensive Knowledge Library of research literature, directories of individuals and organisations, a range of improvement tools, and the latest news about events and projects. Topics covered by HIIRC include hospital productivity, primary health, access to elective services, diabetes, and cardiovascular services.

Health Quality and Safety Commission

The Commission is responsible for assisting providers across the whole health and disability sector – private and public – to improve service safety and quality and therefore outcomes for all who use these services in New Zealand.
Improving the quality and safety of care will provide better value for money and more efficient and effective use of taxpayer funding.
The Commission is charged with:

  • providing advice to the Minister of Health to drive improvement in quality and safety in health and disability services
  • leading and coordinating improvements in safety and quality in health care
  • identifying data sets and key indicators to inform and monitor improvements in safety and quality
  • reporting publicly on the state of safety and quality, including performance against national indicators
  • disseminating knowledge on and advocating for safety and quality.

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