Why join the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists?

The NZSA is a membership-based society open to medical practitioners practising anaesthesia in New Zealand. It is an independent voice for anaesthetists and the only organisation solely representing the interests of New Zealand anaesthetists on New Zealand specific issues. As a key frontline specialty, anaesthetists are affected by changes at all levels of New Zealand’s health system. The NZSA works to ensure that your interests are represented by engaging with government, DHBs, other professional bodies and the public. Find out more here

Follow this link to join the Society, or if you are already a member click on the Log-in button at the top right of the screen. In addition to being able to access all website content, there are other member benefits. You will also have the opportunity to support your specialty and patient care.

NZSA membership is free for NZ trainees.

Claiming back NZSA membership fees

Ordinary members can claim back their fees or a percentage of their fees depending on their FTE when working in public under the Collective Agreement.

Private anaesthetists can claim all or a portion of their fees as a business expense depending on the portion of their private practice.

View the NZ DHB Senior Medical and Dental Officers  Collective Agreement here.

Some DHBs have policies or guidelines that may place tighter restrictions on claiming professional body subscriptions.  Please contact ASMS for clarification if this occurs.