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Current Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the NZSA is the Governing Board of the organisation.  The Executive Committee is made up of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Six elected members.  Extra members can be co-opted in between AGMs as per the NZSA constitution.  The trainee roles are a shared portfolio.
David Kibblewhite original

Dr David Kibblewhite

President, Hamilton

NZSA President October 2015 – November 2018

David Kibblewhite, our current NZSA President, is a Consultant Anaesthetist and a Pain Specialist from Waikato DHB. As the President David represents NZSA’s view to government agencies, represents us at various councils and committees of our affiliated organistions, and is our spokesperson for the profession, advocating for patient safety and the welfare of New Zealand anaesthethists.


Kathryn Hagen resized

Kathryn Hagen

NZSA Vice President and Incoming President, Auckland

Presidential year 2018-2020

Kathryn Hagen is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Auckland DHB. As the President Elect, she deputises for the President when required and attends meetings and events on his behalf.  Kathryn holds the assistant to the anaesthetist portfolio and regularly attends NZATS meetings.

malcolm resized

Dr Malcolm Stuart

Treasurer, Wellington

Malcolm Stuart is a Consultant Anaesthetist based in Wellington and has been the NZSA Treasurer since October 2015. He is in private practice and spends a lot of time travelling around the remote areas of the South Island on a mobile surgical bus. As Treasurer, Malcolm oversees the finances of the organisation and works with the Chief Executive to ensure audited and accurate accounts are presented to the Board.  As Treasurer he also proposes and maintains fiscal responsibility on the executive team.  The Board is ultimately responsible for the financial management of the Society and the Treasurer provides oversight for this.

Sheila Hart resized

Dr Sheila Hart

Secretary, Wellington

Sheila Hart is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Capital and Coast DHB in Wellington.  She is Honorary Secretary and has been involved in various advocacy  issues for the NZSA. As Secretary, she provides support for the President, and can deputise as needed. Sheila is the NZSA representative on the Endoscopy Governance Group and is helping with coordinating the newly set up Airway Leads Network.

Sheila is a co-convenor for the ASA/NZSA 2020 Combined Scientific Congress meeting in Wellington.


Dr Mark Featherston

Private Practice Chair, Wellington

Mark Featherston is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Wellington and does a mixture of public and private practice, including at Bowen and Wakefield Hospitals. He was the past Treasurer of the NZSA and is currently the NZSA Private Practice SubCommittee Chair, representing the NZSA with ACC, Southern Cross, the New Zealand Private Surgical Hospitals Association and other private funders. Mark is also the co-convenor of the 2020 ASA/NZSA Combined Scientific Congress in Wellington.

Kaye Ottoway resized1

Dr Kaye Ottaway

Deputy Private Practice Chair, Auckland

Kaye Ottaway is a private Specialist Anaesthetist who works at Anaesthesia Auckland Limited.  She is involved in several committees at various Private Hospitals and funders and has immense knowledge of private practice. She  co-chairs the Private Practice SubCommittee, deputising for the Chair as needed. Kaye also represents the NZSA on the Paediatric Anaesthetist Network of NZ.  She has advocated for New Zealand Anaesthetists across several platforms on behalf of the NZSA and is in charge of developing the NZSA’s submissions work.

Kerry Holmes resized

Dr Kerry Holmes

Education Officer, Auckland

Kerry Holmes is a Consultant Anaesthetist at North Shore Hospital. As the NZSA Education Officer, Kerry represents the NZSA on the Anaesthesia Education Coordinating Committee (known as ACE). He is also the Chair of the New Zealand Anaesthesia Education Committee which oversees the NZ Anaesthesia Lecturships and the BWT Ritchie Scholarship. He keeps the executive committee updated on upcoming events in New Zealand, and contributes to educational opportunities offered by the NZSA to New Zealand Anaesthetists. He is a previous recipient of the BWT Ritchie Scholarship.

Ian Williams resized1

Dr Ian Williams

Executive Member, Christchurch

Ian Williams joined the Executive team early last year and works in private practice.  He is a member of our Private Practice Sub-Committee. We are pleased to have a voice from Christchurch who represents such a large membership in the South Island.

Morgan Edwards resized1

Dr Morgan Edwards

Executive Member, Auckland

Morgan Edwards is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Level 9, Auckland DHB. Morgan has been an NZSA Trainee Rep and has recently been appointed as the NZSA representative member of the National Obstetric Network.

John Burnett resized

Dr John Burnett

Trainee Rep, Auckland

John Burnett is a Senior Trainee at Auckland DHB and represents trainees on the NZSA Executive Committee, alongside Nicole Vogts. He says a key aim is to open conversation between different levels of the specialty.

Nicole Vogts

Dr Nicole Vogts

Trainee Rep, Whangarei

Nicole Vogts is currently a Trainee Anaesthetist at Whangarei Base Hospital in Northland and will be returning to Auckland this year.  She will be working alongside John Burnett as a trainee rep on the Executive Committee.