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IPhone App for US Nerve Block

 The creator of this App, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of Echoanesthesia Today,  would like to take this opportunity to introduce our members to “Echo-Blocks”, the new iPhone App about ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. This App helps you to decide which US-guided nerve block is the most appropriate for each surgical procedure. It contains a selection of 32 nerve blocks for more than 50 types of surgery, with recommendation rates, practical tips, didactic pictures and links to the best tutorial videos. The App is available on the following link utilising

Code 1:            MH3RHWMP4Y47     

Code 2:            MMLWL9LNPY6K

Refer to the following YouTube link for a tutorial video on how to download the App ECHO BLOCKS with the codes in the Appstore.  NB the second part of the tutorial video gives iPhone specific instructions on downloading.

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