Supporting the welfare and wellbeing of anaesthetists is a major priority for the NZSA. Our support for wellbeing comes in many forms including support for the Welfare Special Interest Group (SIG), which raises awareness of the personal and professional issues which can affect the wellbeing of anaesthetists and intensivists at all stages of their careers. The SIG is supported by the three parent bodies of anaesthesia in Australian and New Zealand: the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) (40%), the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) (50%) and the NZSA (10%). The Welfare SIG is provided through the tripartite Anaesthesia Continuing Education Coordinating Committee and became an official SIG in 1998. ANZCA provides the secretariat. The group is an informative, educative and referral group; it has no therapeutic role. To read more and to access wellbeing resources click here.


Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces toolkit for Anaesthetists

Long Lives Healthy Workplaces, is a toolkit for Anaesthesia Departments with a comprehensive range of resources to support wellbeing. It was released in 2018. You can access this from the Australian Society of Anaesthetist’s website https://asa.org.au/welfare-of-anaesthetists/ The toolkit is an initiative of the Welfare Special Interest Group and EveryMind, an Australian Institute dedicated to mental wellness. Resources are of a very high quality and we encourage you to access this resource for yourself and your department.

WFSA welfare document

Occupational Well-Being of Anesthesiologists looks at the stresses that challenge anaesthetists in their work. The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthetists (WFSA) developed an English language version of this document, (it was originally published in 2014 by the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology and the Federal Council of Medicine in Brazil). We recommend all anaesthetists, their colleagues, partners and managers read this publication for an insight into the pressures of the job and how to manage them.

Dr Ray Hader Trainee Award for Compassion (ANZCA)

Dr Ray Hader was an ANZCA trainee who grew up and lived in Victoria, Australia. He died in 1997 of an accidental drug overdose after a long struggle with drug addiction. To mark the 10-year anniversary of his death, a friend, Dr Brandon Carp, established an award that promotes a compassionate approach to the welfare of anaesthetists, other colleagues, patients and the community. Read more here. The 2018 recipient was Dr Joanna Sinclair.

Medical Protection Society (MPS)

MPS is a protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals. MPS protects and supports the professional interests of more than 300,000 members around the world. MPS benefits include access to indemnity, expert advice and peace of mind. Highly qualified advisers are available to talk through questions or concerns. Please visit their contact page for more information.

Association of Salaried Medical Specialists - ASMS

ASMS  is a professional association and union representing and uniting doctors and dentists in New Zealand. To find out more about ASMS click button below.

In August 2016 ASMS released a report on burnout in NZ’s senior medical workforce, which can be read below.