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SPANZA endorses one hour clear fluid fasting consensus statement

The Society for Paediatric Anaesthesia of New Zealand and Australia (SPANZA) has examined the APA-ESPA-ADARPEF joint consensus statement on clear fluid fasting in children, and associated special interest article: Thomas M, Morrison C, Newton R, Schindler E. Consensus statement on clear fluids fasting for elective pediatric general anesthesia. Pediatr Anesth. 2018;28:411–414. SPANZA adds its endorsement to this joint consensus statement agreeing that “based on the current convincing evidence, unless there is a clear contra-indication, it is safe and recommended for all children able to take clear fluids, to be allowed and encouraged to have these fluids up to one hour before elective general anaesthesia ”

(Multidisciplinary Operating Room Simulation) is a national team training intervention programme for surgical teams. The goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of care for patients. The program is funded by ACC, delivered by the University of Auckland, and supported by the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

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