Anaesthetists cover many different specialties in medicine, including Obstetric Anaesthesia for women in labour.

New Zealand has a National Obstetric Anaesthetist (NOA) Network which aims to improve the care of women within each District Health Board (DHB). We are keen to share useful information about women’s options in labour including the leaflets and video below. More information (in different languages) is available here.

OAA NZSA Pain Relief in Labour – How do the options compare?  This OAA fact sheet outlines your options for pain relief including both medication and physical therapies.

OAA Epidural Information provides  a summary of what you need to know and outlines advantages and risks as researched by OAA. Please use this to discuss any concerns you have with your anaesthetist.

NZSA Epidural Video covers pain relief options available at New Zealand hospitals during labour and includes audiovisual information on epidurals.

OAA provides education and training for anaesthetists, midwives and other practitioners involved in caring for pregnant women in the UK and overseas. The OAA produces free, authoritative information for the public about epidurals and other forms of labour pain relief and anaesthesia for caesarean section. The OAA has kindly provided the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA) permission to use two of their brochures on this site.